Residents Section

This page is for residents/tenants/leaseholders and leaseholders tenants to share any tips, recipes, household hacks, local events or news or in fact anything that you may feel could be of interest to your fellow residents.
This your page and therefore we need input from you the people we serve to regularly update this page so if you think you have an item that may be of interest then please email it to us at


Some useful numbers during Lockdown.

If you have found yourself struggling to cope with essential costs and outgoings during the current crisis please see the document above.

Due to the way the Federation is growing in popularity we now find ourselves needing a resident to act as Secretary/Minute Taker at our regular monthly meetings. If you are interested in filling this voluntary role that will only take up a few hours a month please use the Contact Us form to let us know. No previous experience needed, just a willingness to help your Federation and fellow residents.

This has been passed on to us by Essex Police regarding a new Fraud Alert concerning a phone scam. The file can be downloaded below if you feel the need to print it and put it on notice boards or pass onto other residents.

Morgan Sindall have advised us of the ways in which they are helping residents during the current crisis and the full list of training and courses they are offering to help residents gain skills that could be beneficial to them in the future. By clicking on the image above you will be able to view and download the full Morgan Sindall Social Value Covid-19 Response document.

Did you know that South Essex Homes have a monthly Prize Draw reward for those that keep up to date with rent payments??? Click above for details and different ways to pay your rent.


Above you will find NEW leaflets regarding Southend Tenants and Residents Federation that tell you about how you can become involved with South Essex Homes. If you have recently began your tenancy you should have found these leaflets in your Welcome Pack.