About Us

STRF was set up to support South Essex Homes who were formed in 2005 as the Arm’s Length Management Organisation for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, the initial aims were to provide a high-quality housing service and deliver a large programme of major improvements to tenants’ homes. As a result of this STRF was formed to help both Southend Borough Council and South Essex Homes achieve these aims.

Since March 2022 Southend-on-Sea has become a city and the aims of STRF have now changed to incorporate the needs of residents of our new city. We are helping residents of Southend-on-Sea with matters related to the City Council, their neighbourhood or housing matters and are detailed below.

Membership is automatic to all South Essex Homes Tenants, Residents, Leaseholders, and any other authorised person residing within a South Essex Homes Tenant, Resident, or Leaseholder’s property.

At  STRF our aims and objectives are to discuss general matters and City wide issues, make informal judgements and appropriate recommendations, identify solutions to help improve the external and internal image of STRF, develop local pride amongst the residents and to make improvements to local services, which affect the quality of housing in their area and the local community as well as promoting various activities, both recreational and educational, that will enhance the lives of residents and further develop community spirit and to encourage decisions reflecting the needs of the communities we serve.

We also monitor Focus Groups dealing with maintenance, improvements, and developments to Council properties within the City of Southend on Sea and represent the Tenants and Resident’s Associations and partnerships in the City of Southend-on-Sea and advise and support, where able, all tenants, residents, and leaseholders of the City of Southend-on-Sea.


Throughout the year we aim to hold various functions both indoors and outdoors that we would like to be able to offer you as a like-minded organisation the opportunity to attend and publicise the work that you do in your area, whilst in return we would like the opportunity to come to any Resident Involvement functions you hold in your own area.

We feel that this would be of benefit to any Residents that are seeking to move to different areas within Essex, giving them the opportunity to see how they would be supported within the new area they are seeking to move to, as well as giving the different Resident Federation’s/Organisations the opportunity to meet and talk to each other to see if anything can be learnt that could be put into practice within their own areas.